Cyber Security Solutions

If your WordPress site is hosted with Remix Web Design, your site is secured by Word Defense for free. Feel better knowing that your business will not be affected by malware or malicious hackers.

Website Security Services:

All websites are prone to security risks. The more complex a website, the greater the potential for a web security vulnerability. If you business leverages other network servers to fulfill users requests, this opens up even more ports of entry for malware and hackers to enter. Once a malicious script has gained entry into your site, the damage can be devastating. Fortunately the team at WordDefense has robust, dependable security solutions for your website.

The costs of not securing your website are high, and can include:

  • Loss of customer confidence, trust and reputation with the consequent harm to brand equity and possible effects on revenue and profitability
  • Negative impact on revenues and profits arising from any falsified transactions and from employee downtime
  • Website downtime which is in effect the closure of one of the most important sales channels for an e-business
  • The expenditure involved in repairing the damage done and building contingency plans for securing compromised websites and web applications
  • Legal battles and related implications from Web application attacks and poor security measures including fines and damages to be paid to victims.

The vast majority of cyber attacks are left unnoticed until its too late to reverse the damage. That’s why smart business and website owners secure their assets with WordDefense. We help prevent malicious malware and hackers from accessing and stealing your data for resell.

Your site undoubtedly provides several means of communication with its visitors. In every place that interaction is possible, you have a potential web security vulnerability. Web sites commonly invite visitors to:

  • Load a new page containing dynamic content
  • Search for a product or location
  • Fill out a contact form
  • Search the site content
  • Use a shopping cart
  • Create an account
  • Logon to an account

Clearly there are many entry points into a website or web application. That’s why you need an effective security solution, brought to you by WordDefense, to protect your web based assets and data.

In a world increasingly becoming dependent on digital technology, it’s important that you secure all digital properties with a trust partner. Let WordDefense take the complexities and headache away. Please contact our team today and fill out our online forum to gain professional website security solutions.